Zusanli Acupuncture


"Skillful, Restorative, Understanding...this is Sharon. I have been a client of Sharon's for over 5 years and have recommended her to friends & family. Initially I went for help with stress-related headaches, and after a few visits the headaches became a rarity and I felt better overall. She has a wonderful approach and attitude towards her work, and others, and this is conveyed during every visit. I have used other practitioners in the past, yet no one has been as consistent, and dedicated to understanding the ways of the body as Sharon. One feels immediately comfortable and relaxed in her company, making any treatment more beneficial."

-T.S., Network Engineer

"Sharon is very knowledgeable and intuitive. She listens to you and your body with a rare instinctive touch to help unlock your body's natural abilities to heal. I initially went to see her after years of being told to 'just live with' varying degrees of neck and back pain, and the resulting restricted body movement. Sharon took the time to discover, explain and treat the source of the pain, on both a physical and emotional level, with a calm, caring and reassuring approach. The transformation from a physical, emotional, and spiritual standpoint has been profound, and the balanced, energetic pain-free living a blessing. Sharon is a true practitioner of the healing arts who has helped me gain a greater understanding of myself, and to live a more peaceful, healthy and happier life."

-Ron M., Attorney

"I came to Sharon during a very vulnerable time in my life where I was experiencing a lot of loss and adjustments. The first time I experienced Chi Nei Tsang, I felt the benefits immediately. Sharon is very strong yet very gentle and tender. Toxins were eliminated from my physical, mental, and spiritual body instantaneously. She is highly intuitive and knew exactly how to work with me, truly listened to my needs, and knew what healing modalities would best treat my conditions during each treatment. I immediately began seeing Sharon weekly for a couple of months and as much as I grew to depend on Sharon's healing energy to help me get through this time in my life, Sharon also taught me skills that I myself could use on my own. I felt empowered during my sessions with Sharon and still use some of the skills she taught me on a regular basis. She is a channel that allows for the strong healing force to come through her to help heal others while also showing the client how to heal themselves. Sharon is this kind of healer. She is a teacher also, which is the best kind of healer."

-Janet K., Therapist

"Sharon is highly intuitive and has a gentle, yet powerful touch. She seems to have a sixth sense about what I need in each treatment, and I always come away with a deep sense of both calm and aliveness. She is a gifted healer and remarkable person."

-Andrea S., Writer and Jewelry Designer

"I just wanted you to know that, after two months and hundreds of dollars to other providers without much results, I went to you for one treatment and after one treatment with you [my low back pain] was cured."

C. F., Acupuncturist